Business Financing Language You Should Know. Companies loan terminology are perplexing.

Business Financing Language You Should Know. Companies loan terminology are perplexing.

More small business owners would rather grow their particular enterprises than talk about financing interest and finance charges. Nevertheless, should you means a lender lacking the knowledge of mortgage terminology you’ll probably be — really — credit hassle.

Fortunately, we’ve developed this glossary of financing definitions that your small business debtor must know so as to make well informed selections. Understanding these terminology will allow you to comprehend business capital solutions and requirements that include them.


Annual percentage rate or APR was a calculation used in business credit goods to allow the debtor examine exactly how much credit really will cost you. As an example, you might evaluate the APR on two businesses bank cards. This provides your a truer contrast on the price of credit score rating. Don’t mistake APR with quick interest. Rate of interest refers merely to the interest you have to pay regarding the funds you have lent. However, APR includes some other costs in addition to interest. These fees could put origination fees, check processing and upkeep fees.


Amortization may be the allocation of costs to settle that loan within the claimed repayment stage. Amortization schedules pertain most of the profit early payments towards reducing the interest. Afterwards, larger potions of each payment check-out repay the key. Discover a good example of an amortization timetable by running all of our businesses loan calculator.

Balloon Installment

A balloon payment was a lump sum payment payment due after a loan name. A balloon cost signifies that monthly obligations aren’t enough to pay the borrowed funds in full, but rather a lump sum should be due. Debts with balloon payments are usually temporary financing that continue mortgage payments reasonable until the term arrives. Continue reading