Query MetaFilter. They taken place to me that there surely is reached be something such as this around

They took place to me that there is have got to be something like this online; the web population’s relatively developed community-driven cost-free ernatives to every additional spam-laden product available to you, and usually done it one best, therefore it most likely already has produce an improved ernative to superspammed internet sites like Sex buddy Finder.

I would like to hook up with anybody. I am sure that nowadays, there is someone that’d like to attach with me.

Certainly there’s surely got to become a open-source/Web 2.0/community web site available to take all of us two naughty lovebirds along in an insane world like this.

[Before people recommends the recurrent MeFi fave of OKCupid — great webpages, we concur — we highlight there's no strategy to search for "informal partners only", etc. upon it. And that I envision Craigslist internet sites bring a bit too most "for-pay" scenarios even in those community forums where said situations must not be — and I also'm not pursuing illegality, i am looking for fling-based coordinating.]

I don’t know if you’ll find similar web sites for heterosexual someone or for that issue for lesbians. submitted by dirtynumbangelboy at 12:50 PM on Oct 12, 2007 [1 favorite]

I extra a “makeout” substitute for “what i am looking for” on The Impersonals lately.

The website has-been slowly, but steadily expanding. And customers have already been starting a fantastic job of flagging any junk e-mail or unduly scary pages. Continue reading