Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Visual Sexts Behind Girlfriend’s Back?

After enjoying Ryan Edwards nod off while driving to his romantic parking area wedding to Mackenzie Standifer, we think the man couldn’t see much worse.

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And, well, truthfully that is nevertheless most likely the worst thing we have now actually ever viewed on teenager mother.

Perhaps an easy method to phrase it would be “After enjoying Ryan endanger himself and others while travel higher to their tragic event, we think there was nowhere for your commit but up.”

Yeah, that’s best.

Also it’s wrong.

Because even as we’re finding out from this fresh cheat scandal, circumstances absolutely aren’t searching for for Ryan any time soon.

Merely past, we talked about some screenshots from an alleged talk Ryan got with a lady on Tinder.

If idea of this guy creating a Tinder membership under three months after engaged and getting married to Mackenzie Standifer wasn’t terrible sufficient, the things he had been stating to the girl absolutely is.

The talk started out as innocently as a Tinder discussion can, before a long time, Ryan ended up being asking the girl if she ended up being “DTF.”

“right down to f-ck,” for people not inside recognize.

She said that she was, according to who had been asking, as well as started arranging a period of time and set for them to “chill” together.

When it comes to those screenshots, their particular finally emails contained a change of telephone numbers .

Nowadays Radar on line has actually screenshots of the texting!

Caution: the following is actually graphic, gross, additionally completely entertaining in a type of tragic method.

The messages begin like the majority of messages would — your typical “What’s up?”, “absolutely nothing, you?” company.

The girl asks Ryan for his final title, and after asking precisely why she desires to discover (to truly save his contact resources, duh), he says to the girl it is Edwards. Continue reading